A tip to make your Holiday shopping easier while helping autism!

With the upcoming Holidays, many of us may have to find gifts for our loved ones.  Judging by
the comments of people after they have read my book, it might make a great gift: an easy and
enjoyable read that tells its reader something about autism.  It occurred to me that I ought to
let you know about the review that listed my book for this matter:
I have not sent out a MailChimp campaign lately because unfortunately I am not so
« technology-savvy », I try and try but I keep having to ask for help with it. Greg, my partner for
the last 7 years, is the one who has done so much for me in this realm.  He is also the one who
helped me start my website, http://www.anlordavin.com.  There is a lot more information on it
than what I manage to tell you via these campaigns: reviews, interviews, etc.


Greg has some experience with MailChimp because he is the co-president of AASCEND.org, a support group for autistic adults (yes I am a member), their families and professionals, based in San Francisco. Thank you Greg for all the work with this, I am extremely grateful.

Lately I got so fed up with so often asking for his help that instead of using this program I sent a few emails to many: I pasted and copied my email to many, a time-consuming task….and I am afraid many of you did not know about their contents.  The events they told about are now past  (and they were sweet), however, while I am sending a campaign, let me already list here the 3 upcoming events about Being Seen for which dates are already set, I hope you can join one or more of them or let your friends know about them.

1. DATE:  March 7, 2018
LOCATION: College of Marin library, William Keith Room
ADDRESS: 839 College Avenue, Kentfield, CA 94904

2. DATE : April 6 & 7, 2018
National French Conference on Autism
LOCATION: France, Euro Disney near Paris

3. DATE: April 28, 2018
LOCATION: St. Luke Presbyterian Church
ADDRESS: 10 Bay View, San Rafael CA 94901

Finally, many of you may not be aware of a major interest of mine, in fact it is the direction of my life I most cherish: the bringing together of meditation and autism.   Once a month I facilitate at Dominican University (in San Rafael, California) a meditation group for people on the autism and neurodiverse spectrum. Once a year toward the end of May Greg and I host in the Sierra a 4-day “Autsit” meditation retreat for autistic adults.  Our website (another site Greg helps me with!) for this is http://autsit.net.